On Friday, November 30th, 1984 my 13 year old sister Candace Derksen disappeared on her way home from school. After 6 weeks of searching she was found frozen to death in an old machine shed about 500 meters from our house. She was found on January 17th, 1985. I was nine when she died.

For 26 years we didn’t know what happened or who did this, it was considered a cold case. In 2011 the murderer was charged for her death and the case has been closed.

This is an event that has forever changed my life, to what degree I will never know as it is so stitched in every aspect of who I am.

Over the years before and during the trial I have created artwork to work through the emotions that I have been forced to deal with and in some ways these pieces are an act of defiance to counter intuitively feel and explore the pains and losses in my life.

Even though these pieces were drawn out of the tragic death of my sister, they represent the tedious struggle often minute by minute or tear by tear of the inward and outward journey through any and every wound.

Here is a recent interview that was done by Shaw TV talking about my work.