ODIAREIMER scupture | installation | photography 2015-05-23T04:49:12Z http://odiareimer.com/feed/atom/ WordPress odiareimer@gmail.com <![CDATA[Inexplicable: it is about healing]]> http://odiareimer.com/?p=84 2014-09-21T02:29:59Z 2014-02-17T07:19:16Z My family and I are excited to announce an art show coming up on April 12th, 2014 at the Frame Gallery in Winnipeg.

This means that my deadline for the offering project has been extended to April 27th. You can mail me the bowls as mentioned on my instruction sheet, or you can come see the show and drop off your bowl, we will add it to the installation.

Please note that I will be having an artist talk night on April 17th. I will be talking about my work specifically the offering project.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

2014 Inexplicable Postcard_Front_Odia 2014 Inexplicable Postcard_Back_Odia

The showing is at the Frame Gallery in Winnipeg (See below for a map)

318 Ross Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB

The hours will be as follows:

Wed – Friday: 5-9pm
Saturday 1-9pm
Sunday 1-5pm


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odiareimer@gmail.com <![CDATA[amazed]]> http://odiareimer.com/?p=88 2015-05-23T04:49:12Z 2013-12-17T07:20:12Z They are amazing these bowls I have received. I counted today and I have received exactly 100 bowls from you the public.. In total I have 260.

They come preciously sent to me in the mail, or passed to me through friends or family. I open the package with excitement, and as soon as I see them reality, truth, pain, hurt, and so many emotions come tumbling out.  I’m so torn when I receive them. It makes my heart happy to see people joining in with me and working towards giving up their hurt and pain, but when I see these lovely bowls and read the stories that accompany them. My stomach drops, my eyes well, and I feel the emotion of the hands that have crafted these sweet bowls. The names of the people that they represent. I feel the thought and care they have put into the colours, the stitches. Its overwhelming.

There is a story behind each and every one of these bowls. I wasn’t quite expecting to feel quite the emotion that I do when I look at them and touch them, but I’m so excited that I do. This is exactly what I was hoping.

Thank you to all who have passed along your bowls to me. I am looking forward to receiving more, my family and I are showing in April the opening is on Saturday the 12th. If you have bowls to add please bring them. I would love to add them to the installation as the show is running. See my Inexplicable: it is about healing post for more information.



odiareimer@gmail.com <![CDATA[peace]]> http://odiareimer.com/?p=92 2015-05-20T02:25:53Z 2013-12-05T07:25:43Z how do you know that you have been through something, its when normal everyday life feels really good. its when sitting in the living room with your laptop and a steaming cup of coffee feels lovely. peace. inside and out. its wonderful, and a blessing.

when we heard about the appeal and that there could be a retrial. it threw me. i was surprised that it affected me, but it did. the one thing i realized through the events of late, is that for as much as i think i’m strong and generally okay. i am weak and this still affects me. the good thing is that this isn’t my first kick at the proverbial can. i have done this before….in fact, i’m feeling a bit like an expert…are we at 10,000 hours yet….

i also realized how important my family is to me. now don’t mistake me. i have always known they’re important, and that with their constant support i can do anything. they are amazing!! what i mean is that after the news broke we were all busy, life things took up our time, and we couldn’t get together right away. it was only a week and a half later,  that we were all able to get together to talk, go over, rehash, and make sure we were all okay. isn’t it interesting that only now do i feel settled, and at peace. it has made me realize how important my family is to me.

now i just have to convince them all to crochet a bowl 😉




odiareimer@gmail.com <![CDATA[A place to carry your tears]]> http://odiareimer.com/?p=90 2014-09-21T02:38:02Z 2013-11-28T07:24:10Z What a lovely title for the newspaper article about the offering project.



odiareimer@gmail.com <![CDATA[THE OFFERING PROJECT]]> http://odiareimer.com/?p=94 2015-05-23T04:43:48Z 2013-09-17T06:27:07Z To all my Friends, Family and People I have never met but are tied to my families story. I invite you to
join me in a project I have titled “The Offering”.


As some of you know my family and I have been going through a trial. Literally and figuratively, we have just heard that the perpetrator who has been accused of murdering my sister almost 30 years ago might be getting a re-trial. If you are not aware of our story please check out my home page.

These recent developments have stirred up old emotions and has brought me to places where I again have to look at forgiveness and loving my enemies to heal from wounds these events have inflicted and continue to inflict.

I have also realized that many individuals that I have shared my story with, have similar elements of pain. I would like to invite you to join me in taking the pain of hurt, anger, and bitterness of whatever you have been through and offer it as a sacrifice in a step of overcoming, releasing, and turning your face towards forgiveness.

“The Offering” is a community art piece, a physical act of taking our hurt sometimes blood, tears or pain and giving it as an offering, I believe this act of giving away our hurt releases our need to hold onto the pain we feel and opens us up to receive the healing and wholeness we are searching for.

Please join me in creating crocheted bowls as a symbol of offering,  to create a community of sacrificial bowls to represent our search for healing and releasing our pain.



To Participate in the Offering Project: 

Crochet one bowl or as many as you like and send them along with your story to me to be included in “The Offering” art piece.

Please use the provided crocheting instructions for the creation of the bowl, but feel free to use any colour, texture, weight of wool you wish. Use this as a way of expressing the pain and hurt you are offering. Send me the bowls by the end of February.

Together I believe this will be a beautiful art installation made up of our offerings.


The Offering – PDF Instructions download

The Offering Project Instructions


The Offering – Video Tutorial


odiareimer@gmail.com <![CDATA[EVIDENCE OF A TRIAL]]> http://odiareimer.com/?p=102 2014-09-21T02:34:42Z 2013-09-10T06:39:49Z Evidence of a Trial
100% Wool, felted
Odia Reimer

In 2007 we were told by the police that they had found the man who had killed my sister Candace Derksen and on January 17th, 2011 I attended the first day of a trial I never thought I would have to endure. During the trial I crocheted a circle every day. The three colours I used represent the degree and multitude of emotions I was feeling and the size of the circle is how long we were in court on that day.

Evidence is what remains. It could be almost anything hair, fingerprints, fibres, clothing or minute DNA. Evidence is proof. If we have evidence it validates that experience actually happened. Without evidence we cannot say without a shadow of a doubt that we endured, that we suffered, that we experienced anything. Here is my evidence.

Cream – feeling neutral and balanced
Red – feelings of pain and hurt
Black – feeling of anger and injustice




odiareimer@gmail.com <![CDATA[i’m going to be selfish…]]> http://odiareimer.com/?p=96 2015-05-20T02:25:30Z 2013-08-17T06:30:46Z i was debating what to write, i have the topic of fear and of forgiveness on the brain and so i have allowed them to brawl in attempts to see who should take precedence, of course forgiveness won. it always does. it was actually quite interesting as i was watching the fight, i was contemplating who i wanted to win and thinking that if fear won i would still need to talk about forgiveness eventually, but if forgiveness won. that should take care of the topic fear. at least that is what i’m thinking at the beginning. we will see if the thought is the same at the end of this dialogue with myself and a few of you.

i know the topic of forgiveness is vast and abstract. its one of those things that you grasp for a fleeting moment and then like a wisp of a thought you think you have, it vanishes and you are left wondering if you actually knew what you had. i know its tough. i have been playing with it for a while. its a shy thing. one you have to pursue to keep it.

so lets start simply….who is forgiveness for? because i think we get this wrong sometimes….

to me forgiveness is for the one forgiving yes i mean you…it has nothing to do with the one you’re forgiving, i guess it could be good for the other in a sense, but they are not needed in the process. forgiveness is for you not them. for YOU not THEM. i just needed you to hear me.

its really completely selfish. just like running…yes that’s a good thought. its as selfish as running. if you think about it the only purpose of running is for the health and benefit of the runner. its so they are fit, healthy, active and whole, there is no real benefit for anyone else other then the runner will potentially live longer and be happier, loved ones will appreciate that. (umm i should really start running again. shoot! thank you Jesus for the reminder!)

forgiveness is the same. its for the forgiver, so they are emotionally fit, healthy and whole not for the one being forgiven. for you see that if you don’t forgive you will feel hurt, get angry, feel bitter, and want revenge. these are not good things. I see un-forgiveness like a poison…it corrodes…it destroys…now its not fast, but slow acting and it eats at all parts of a person. they body, their mind and their soul. there is a reason they say it will eat you alive.

God knew that we couldn’t bear the weight of holding these damaging thoughts of hate and revenge in our weak state of human frailty, so he gave us a way out, so we could be happy and whole and actually in his loving kindness made it a “should” just like I was taught by my parents “you should look both ways before you cross the street” so God tells us “you should forgive” its for us so that we will stay healthy. how amazing is that!! what a good father….always looking out for his kids.

i’m starting to wonder if this will be the topic for a few weeks because as i think of the different aspects of forgiveness this could get really long and it is way to important to encapsulate in 300 words or less and really at this rate i’m incapable.




odiareimer@gmail.com <![CDATA[to steward]]> http://odiareimer.com/?p=100 2015-05-20T02:25:23Z 2013-06-28T06:38:08Z i was invited to speak at a church group at the start of the this month. it was a lovely evening of sitting outside, roasting hot dogs and chatting. they wanted to hear my story and my journey of forgiveness so i shared. afterwards i opened it up for questions. i love this part. I have been asked questions all my life and i must admit i don’t have any fear of an unknown question.

i think my favourite question that evening was “don’t you get tired of telling your story over and over again?” i think the lady was surprised when i said “No, its my story to steward and I want to be faithful.”

we all have experiences in our life that we have lived through, whether good or bad, happy or sad it doesn’t matter. its your story. it makes you who you are. it’s woven into the life you’ve lived and it has become a part of you. along with knowledge and depth of character it also gives you a level of authority – for example if you have experienced cancer and you overcame it and are now cancer free. you have a level of authority on the topic of cancer. if someone asks you a question and you talk about your experience they will listen because of the authority you have. remember the level of authority does depend on the level of experience you endured.

your life and all its stories, experiences and the authority you wear is yours to steward. what are you going to do with the situation you have gone through and the authority you now have in that area. are you going to bury it in the ground so no one knows about it and not share the little tidbits you learned as you went through it? or are you going to share your story and help those going through similar circumstances and give them the little bits of knowledge and wisdom you were given a long the way, so they feel hope and encouragement as they go through similar pain.

the view you have on the other side of the valley that you climbed through is amazing. this of the insite and hope you can give to the ones passing through that same valley as they pick their way through the rocks.

as in everything you get to choose.


odiareimer@gmail.com <![CDATA[do you ever wonder]]> http://odiareimer.com/?p=98 2014-09-21T02:35:29Z 2013-03-06T07:32:17Z I am always wondering what’s next. what should i do next what would be fun. what would be interesting, and what would i learn if i did this or that. its a lovely thought – the next thing. i must say i look for it often, peaking around this corner or the next anticipating its arrival. hurriedly finishing what i am currently on so that the next thing can make its way into my now.

there are drawbacks to this way of living. its the unfinished wake of ‘next things’ i have started only to jump prematurely to the next. it takes a lot of determination and self control to actual finish the task at hand before welcoming in the next thing like a long lost friend. i have been waiting for you. i’m so glad you are finally here! please come in and sit down. let’s have tea and discuss what you are thinking! did i mention how happy i am to have you here finally.

its a horrible dilemma because it makes living in the here and now very difficult, you are always gazing down the proverbial road waiting for the distant glimmer, the shadow, the hope of what’s to come. because of this longing for what’s new and fresh. neat and tidy i am working very hard to be present, to be here, to be in the moment. not hoping for tomorrow when i can write a new list, not in a week when the things, events, to do’s are done and i can anticipate the next notation on my calendar.

i’m not sure why but the idea of sitting down with a fresh sheet of paper pen in hand ready to write my next to-do list, is like a newly mowed lawn. clean fresh and relaxing. almost perfect.



odiareimer@gmail.com <![CDATA[Indescribable: It is about murder]]> http://odiareimer.com/?p=107 2014-09-21T02:29:36Z 2011-12-17T07:46:44Z Art Show at the Mennonite Heritage Art Gallery
January 27th to March 10th 2012

MHC gallery poster 8.5x11-2