The Hem of His Garment

The Hem of His Garment Odia Reimer Cotton 8’x 24’x 8’ In our lives we search for, long for, seek after healing. Whether it’s internal, spiritual or physical it is a quest that flows below the surface of our lives, usually this quest is private and un-noteworthy but is played out again and again by […]

The Last Walk

The Last Walk Odia Reimer Photography The Last Walk is 66 black and white photographs, replicating the lonely walk Candace made as she moved towards her death. The walk starts at the Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute in Winnipeg, MB where she started her journey home and ends at the construction site where her body was […]

Seventy times Seven

Seventy times Seven Odia Reimer Wool 7’x7’x7’ Seventy times Seven is made up of 490 crocheted tears suspended from a frame, 7 X 7, hung 7 feet off the floor, to create a perfect cube symbolic of the natural attempt to contain the pain. Each tear is crocheted by hand without any pattern making each […]

Evidence of a Trial

Evidence of a Trial Odia Reimer Wool 27 pieces each 18”x18” In 2007 we were told by the police that they had found the man who had killed my sister Candace Derksen and on January 17th, 2011 I attended the first day of a trial I never thought I would have to endure. During the […]

28 Days – Flatline

28 Days – Flatline Odia Reimer Cotton Cloth, Polyfill 4’x6’ 28 Days Flatline is made up of 96 pillows, each with a flatline of 28 stitches in red. This piece documents 8 years/96 months/2,688 days routinely taking a morning temperature with hopes of tracking fertility, each month hope is dashed with the stark straight line.


Betrayal Odia Reimer Fabric 5’x5’x10’ Betrayal is made up of fabric pieces that represent dead, empty ovaries which are suspended to form a large hanging mobile. Reminiscent of a baby’s crib mobile. After experiencing a miscarriage this piece expresses the distrust and betrayal I felt for my body.


Standing Odia Reimer Clay 4’x4’x4’ As a community of people we gather and help each other stand in the midst of the trials in our life. Sometimes standing is just enough to start walking.