INTENT – Art Show

Opening Reception, April 29: 7-10 pm

Hours: Friday 7-10 pm, Saturday 2- 10 pm, Sunday 2-10 pm

Artist Talk by Cliff and Wilma on Sunday May 1, 7 – 10 pm

Featuring Artwork by: Cliff Derksen, Wilma Derksen, and Odia Reimer

This year, we as artists are exploring our intentions, …our purpose. Each of us has gone through change.

We have moved from stories of pain and chaos to a place of exploration, observation and new objectivity. We each have a subject matter.

This year Cliff is exploring predisposition to take the easy way out…. “take a pill.”

Odia is marveling at the complexity of our human body and soul, – how intricately and beautifully we as human beings are made.

Wilma is exploring the power of light, metaphorically the power of sunlight on leaves, photosynthesis.

For more information on the other artists.


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