Odia is known for her patience in producing large, monochromatic, simple but profound, fibre installation pieces that carry a multi-layered message of her own story and experiences. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba and is a member of the Theotrinsic Art Group. She has shown her work in many of the Manitoba art galleries.

Odia was the founding curator of the Gallery in the Park, a small town gallery in Altona Manitoba which has been named one of the top ten galleries to visit in Manitoba. Odia was also part of the selection committee in procuring permanent pieces for the three-acre sculpture garden. Over eight years she curated shows of some notable artists, such as Tom Lovatt and Bette Woodland, Grace Nickel, Ray Dirks, Cliff Derksen, WAG, and Peter Sawatzky. Odia initiated a series of art talks to feature the work exhibited in the gallery, including Patricia E. Bovey as Director Emeritus. of the Winnipeg Art Gallery, (WAG)

Odia was awarded a grant from the Manitoba Craft Council for the installation piece The Hem of His Garment, shown for the first time at the Framer Art Gallery, 2015. Her work, Evidence of a Trial was captured on the cover page of the Working Together,  Winnipeg Foundation Magazine, 2012. She was also feature in a documentary by Shaw TV.

Odia Reimer