Evidence of a Trial

Evidence of a Trial
Odia Reimer
27 pieces each 18”x18”

In 2007 we were told by the police that they had found the man who had killed my sister Candace Derksen and on January 17th, 2011 I attended the first day of a trial I never thought I would have to endure. During the trial I crocheted a circle every day. The three colours I used represent the degree and multitude of emotions I was feeling and the size of the circle is how long we were in court on that day.

Evidence is what remains. It could be almost anything hair, fingerprints, fibres, clothing or minute DNA. Evidence is proof. If we have evidence it validates that experience actually happened. Without evidence we cannot say without a shadow of a doubt that we endured, that we suffered, that we experienced anything. Here is my evidence.

Cream – feeling neutral and balanced
Red – feelings of pain and hurt
Black – feeling of anger and injustice